Joining TinnCann is about...

Inspiring the next generation.

Who inspired you when you were just starting out?

We’re passionate about facilitating authentic connections between you and Enthusiasts within your community, which often means empowering and inspiring the younger versions of yourself!


Maximizing the impact of your time.

We know you’re busy. TinnCann was built to complement your existing schedule using a simple calendar integration. Once you’re set up, there’s no ongoing maintenance. 

Your time on the site is devoted entirely to discussion about the topics you love, with the people who admire you, specifically. Conversations that you’re uniquely qualified for.

Purpose Built
Give Back

Giving back.

TinnCann revolves around a commitment to passion and authenticity. Giving back to the causes that our Experts care about gives us an opportunity to demonstrate those commitments…and gives us all kinds of warm fuzzies. For sessions designated with a non-profit partnership, we reduce our share of the profit and donate 7.5% of the session rate to the non-profit of your choice.

Community membership.

Gold medalists…Grammy winners…Master chefs. TinnCann is a curated, invitation-only roster of Experts who share in extraordinary accomplishment. We have big plans for that community and we think you belong as a part of it.


So, how do you join?

Wow, we’re so glad you asked! Joining TinnCann is as simple as a guided 30-minute onboarding call.

Step 1

Schedule a 30-minute onboarding call with someone on our team

Step 2

Step 2

Review and approve your profile during onboarding call

Step 3


Sync your calendar and set your availability

Step 4

Step 4

Receive bookings from enthusiasts and do your thing!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does TinnCann work?

TinnCann is a marketplace where aspirational enthusiasts connect with world class Experts like you via paid 1:1 video calls. Users  browse the roster of Experts, select a specific session as listed on the profile, and book! Both user and Expert will join the video call via the confirmation email link from any browser or device.  

How will you tell people that I'm on TinnCann?

We will be ramping up our marketing efforts over the next few months, but you can expect to be featured on our social media channels. We’d also love it if you shared that you are on TinnCann with your community too. We have logos and assets to help! 

How do I get paid?

Users will book a specific session (with rates chosen by you) and you will be paid 80% of the rate of that completed session. Your earnings will be paid on a weekly basis either through Stripe or PayPal.   

What if I have limited availability?

Totally fine! We hope that you can spare at least an hour per month for TinnCann calls, but understand you have many things vying for your time. You can set a few limited windows of availability and thanks to our calendar integration, if other commitments pop up, you don’t have to worry about adjusting it! 

Is my privacy protected?

TinnCann is purpose-built as an intermediary between you and your audience. We never sacrifice your privacy. All communication happens through the platform, from payments, to booking emails, to the video call itself. And of course, we never sell your data, because that’s gross.

What should I talk about on the call?

This is the fun part! Users will be booking a specific session based on a topic that you have selected so that it is always something that you are eager to talk about. Other than that, be yourself! You are likely talking to a younger version of yourself, so what have you learned, what good advice did you receive?

Did you find us before we found you?

Great! TinnCann’s roster is entirely curated which means that we are mindful about who we include. We want to ensure we maintain the right level of expertise to appeal to our users plus uphold our Experts’ reputations. Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch!

Apply as an Expert

To start the process of joining TinnCann as an Expert, please fill out our simple application form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Become an Expert

To apply to become an Expert, please fill out our simple application form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: You are not automatically enrolled on TinnCann. If you meet our requirements, a TinnCann team member will contact you within a few days to finish onboarding!