Jenn Gustetic


Space, Technology

Ms. Gustetic is a technology and innovation leader and a policy entrepreneur. But STEM topics (and school overall) were not always her strength. It wasn’t until 8th grade that her “math brain” was activated in Algebra class. Since then, her interest, experience, and leadership in science, technology, engineering, and math has only grown, leading her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Florida. A sophomore during 9/11, she took a keen interest in the role of policy to shape our lives, adding a minor in international relations to her studies. An internship on Capitol Hill and a desire to apply her technical knowledge in service of society led her to the master’s program in technology policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Over her 15+ year career she has brought a unique blend of technology, policy and innovation skills and knowledge to her work, in topics ranging from homeland security to inclusive cities to space exploration. She has led at the highest levels of the Federal Government, including in the White House, and is a sought after thought leader, completing a 2-year research fellowship with the Harvard Kennedy School in 2019 where she developed methods for organizations to envision and create an equitable future of work. She has published on open innovation, crowdsourcing, citizen science, research and development, future of work, and how to build communities of practice in the MIT Press, Space Policy Journal, New Space Journal, and Issues in Science and Technology.

 She also is passionate about supporting the next generation of STEM leaders, participating as a founding mentor for the Brooke Owens Fellowship and the secretary of the board for the National Science Policy Network.



STEM for K-12 Girls

Duration : 30 mins
*15% of proceeds will be donated to the Brooke Owens Fellowship.* This session is intended for girls who are aspiring towards a career in a STEM field or maybe just want to hear more about it to help fuel their passion. I would love to chat about how to encourage a love for science at a young age, what to consider as college approaches etc.
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Navigating your STEM Career

Duration : 45 mins
*15% of proceeds will be donated to the Brooke Owens Fellowship.* I am deeply passionate about supporting other women in STEM. If you are currently pursuing a degree or are early in your career and looking for advice, this session is for you. I can share more about my path, what internships to look for, how to make a place for yourself as a woman in STEM, and anything else that you'd find helpful.
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Policy Entrepreneurship

Duration : 60 mins
*15% of proceeds will be donated to the National Science Policy Network.* Do you want to learn how to affect large scale change? Are you interested in learning more about various strategies that go beyond what you might have learned in school or seen on the news? Legislation, regulations, rules, and standards aren't the only ways to advance a policy outcome. This session will invite participants to pose a policy objective and work with Jenn to brainstorm unconventional ways to use a "policy entrepreneur" mindset and tools to drive towards those objectives. Policy tools could include: Developing or Reimagining Government Services, Targeting Federal Research and Development on Important Societal Challenges, Seeding New Industries and Business Models through Government Procurement & Open Data, Sponsoring a Prize Competition to Challenge the Status Quo and more.
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Design Thinking & The Future of Work

Duration : 60 mins
*15% of proceeds will be donated to the Van Alen Institute.* Designing intentional processes to envision the future of work are more important now than ever as individuals, organizations and society rethink how, when and where we work as a result of COVID-19. Based on my 15+ years of experience leading national initiatives for societal benefit, I feel strongly that design methods can and should be applied to developing policy solutions. A design driven policy process includes an empathy-driven focus on end-user needs, collaboration-driven approach that identifies and works with key stakeholders, and a prototyping mindset with a bias towards action. During my Harvard Fellowship, I created a method--"Design-driven policy prototyping"--and applied that method to policy discussions about the Future of Work. The design-driven policy prototyping approach harnesses my experience leading cross-sector coalitions, user-centered design, and open innovation challenges. In this session you will learn how to design your own collaborative "makeathon" to explore a subset of difficult problem areas in your topic area of choice. You will also have the option to learn how to articulate a design brief, develop personnas to enable user-centered design, and design a productive prototyping exercise.
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