Javier Navarrete

Rome, Italy


Javier Navarrete is an Emmy-winning, Oscar and Grammy-nominated composer who wrote the scores for several high-profile feature films around the world. His most awarded scores are Pan's Labyrinth, for which he received an Oscar nomination in 2008, and Hemingway and Gellhorn, for which he received an Emmy in 2012. Amongst his other awards and nominations, Javier composed the scores for Byzantium, Cracks, The Devil's Backbone, Wrath of the Titans, and more, working closely with the likes of Neill Jordan, Guillermo del Toro, and Peter Pau. Javier's experience is extensive, with contributions to more than thirty international films over his forty-year career. 

In his spare time, Javier generously lends his time to aspiring musicians, composers, and others whose footsteps rhyme with his. Moreover, he is a global citizen whose spontaneity leads him on diverse global adventures, encouraging individuals from all around the world to follow their musical passions. 

#Pan's Labyrinth

Let's get to know each other

Duration : 75 mins
I love connecting with aspiring musicians. We can use this time to discuss your career or mine. I enjoy exposing students firsthand to how a composer sees his everyday duties and which priorities are most important.
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Let's compose together

Duration : 120 mins
We will use this time to compose together! I draw inspiration from working with brilliant aspiring musicians and love to share any knowledge that I can. This experience should be energizing for both of us! Feel free to upload a file for me to review prior to our call.
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Co-composition follow-up session

Duration : 60 mins
After we compose music together, it may make sense for you to work on some things on your own, and then we can come back together for this working session to continue fine-tuning.
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[2 Sessions] Let's compose together

Duration : 180 mins
This session is the same as the other session intended for us to compose together, but is split in to two weeks. Composition can be a time-demanding process and this will enable you to spend some time working on your own after our first discussion. So, we will spend a couple of hours on the first call and then about an hour on the following call, which we will schedule together during our introduction.
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