Edward Leonard

New York, US


I am one of only 73 Certified (real) Master Chefs in the United States, having earned my Master's in cookery at the Culinary Institute of America and passing an exam that over 64% have failed. I am a member of the World Master Chef Society and am a certified WACS Global Master Chef. In the past three years, I have trained 5 chefs for the master chef exam who have passed this prestigious pinnacle. My cuisine is flavorful and I am known in the states and abroad for my culinary leadership and making food a experience.


Chef Edward Leonard is one of only 73 Certified Master Chefs in the country, and, is one of four that also holds the master chef designation from Germany and World Cooks Society. He is globally recognized as a distinguished culinary leader, difference maker, and a true agent of change, leaving any property under his leadership in a more successful state than when he arrived.

While based in New York City, Chef Ed spent 13 years with the leading British hotel and catering company, Trust House Forte, traveling the globe and holding positions as Corporate Chef of North America, Director of Operations, Vice President, and Executive Vice President. Chef has also spent time at Hotels such as Plaza Athene, Westbury, Watergate in DC, along with high end dining rooms for corporations like NatWest Westminster Bank, General Electric, and American Express. 

Chef Leonard spent 8+ years with the famed Westchester Country Club & Hotel. During his tenure, the club was recognized for Culinary excellence and became the 12th ranked Platinum Club in the country.

Chef also has a passion for making an impact on the industry by working with students. He was named the Vice President of Culinary Academics for Le Cordon Bleu North America. With 14,000 students and overseeing 16 colleges, he reconstructed the syllabus and curriculum, updating the program while also creating a restaurant capstone concept called “Technique” for the student’s last class.

His mentorship has also groomed many culinary professionals, including but not limited to 5 Certified Master Chefs! They say the legacy of a chef is written by those who ultimately leave their kitchens to for their own; Chef Leonard certainly has a trail of chefs he has impacted through the years. His unwavering support and leadership has helped shape the careers of many successful Chef’s.

Chef Ed has won numerous awards and is recognized as a true leader for his contributions and impact on the industry both in the United States and globally. 

Chef Leonard is currently the Director of Culinary Operations of Fresh Meadow Country Club, where he is building a new culture using his tried and true “Culinary Pride Program“. Many clubs, resorts and hotels currently use his program as his protégés take with, and now carry, the culinary pride gospel that he teaches. He recently won the American Culinary Federations industry award for Innovation 2021 and Gold Kitchens award for Outstanding Club and Golf Club Chef for 2021.


Chef Talk for the Foodies

Duration : 45 mins
If cooking at home is your hobby, eating out, watching cooking shows along with a sincere love for food lets share the passion. We can discuss anything culinary. Being well traveled and working with chefs and in kitchens all over the world as well as overseeing large properties with many kitchens I can give you keen insight on the professional side of your love for food. The time is yours and I love sharing all things culinary and telling stories
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Mentor with a Master Chef & Fast Track your Career

Duration : 30 mins
Are you an up-and-coming culinarian in a professional kitchen, a seasoned sous chef or chef looking to advance or to fuel your passion and be inspired again? Looking to grow and get ahead then let’s talk. My connections in the industry, working and running some of the best properties and restaurants in the country and abroad I can excel your career path.Its you’re 1 on1 session to discuss all things culinary, professional development and more. I have mentored and develop a long list of cooks, pastry cooks who are now successful as chefs, F&B positions in management and entrepreneurs.
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Building a Culture of Excellence

Duration : 75 mins
Running a successful restaurant or kitchen is about more than culinary skills or equipment, it’s about having a culture of excellence. It’s all about letting people know what is expected of them and providing the right vision that makes a difference. This one-hour one on one virtual presentation is, followed by a Q&A session. It covers how I built the program that drives this culture: Culinary Pride™. This is a sought-after presentation presented at conferences and conventions from CMAA, ACF, Club & Resort Chefs and many others. Having a culture of excellence is essential for long term success in any kitchen, company, or group. Discount for a group session of more than three people. * * A custom deck made exclusively for your property can also be contracted with a licensing agreement allowing you and your leaders to present the deck and the program as your own. 
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[In person] Building a Culture of Excellence

Duration : 30 mins
Price includes 30-minute intro call and 90-minute in-person presentation and Q&A. Please choose the date that works best for our intro call. Travel and expenses billed separately. This session is intended to be identical to the virtual session of the same name, but I will travel to your property and present to your team for an in-person presentation. Includes a planning call to review timing, travel, and your goals so the deck can be customized to your set objectives. You may already drive your program with some of these philosopies and principles. We all know, though, that when you bring a subject expert in - even if they are saying something that the audience has heard before - it registers differently and enforces what you have been teaching, while energizing the team.
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